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Adding the MEM to ESXi Hosts with Update Manager

Tossed up a new Equallogic unit, and wanted to experiment with installing the Multipathing Extension Module. I heard at a recent VMUG event that you could install the MEM via the Update Manager, so I figured I would give it a shot.

Now there’s nothing wrong with the Round Robing multipathing option, it actually works quite well. Here’s how the connections are setup from the beginning:
Round Robin

First things first, head out to the Equallogic Support site and download the MEM zip through the VMware Integration link. Once it’s downloaded, extract it.
Module Extraction

Now in your Virtual Center, go to your Update Manager, then select the “Patch Repository” tab, and then select the “Import Patches” link”.
Patch Repository

Browse for the MEM Patch you downloaded, select the zip file, select “Next”:
Select Zip
Import Patches

Let the patches upload and confirm that’s the version you want installed:
Importing Patches
Confirm Patches

Once completed, go back through and verify that it was added (Note: it will be bold since you imported it).
Patch Uploaded

Now you’ll need to create an Host Extension Baseline. If you already have one, skip this part. You’ll want to go back to the “Baselines and Groups” tab and then select “Create”.
New Baseline

Add a name and then select “Host Extension” for the Baseline Type.
Host Extension Baseline

Next, add the Dell Equallogic Extension, and click Finish.
Add Host Extension
Confirm and Finish

With the baseline added and then the extension added to the baseline, go back to the ESXi host and then to the Update Manager tab and select the “Attach”.
Importing Patches

Check the new Extension Baseline that was created and select “Attach”.
Attaching Baselines

Now scan the host and make sure to include the “Patches and Extensions” check box.
Scan Host

You should see that your host is “Non-Compliant” and there is at least an Extension that is missing.
Missing Update

Click on the “Stage” button, which will bring up the wizard. Ensure that the Extension Baseline is selected and select “Next”.
Staging Wizard

Make sure that the extension you loaded is selected to be staged.
Select Extension

Click on “Finish” and allow the system to stage the updates on the host, you’ll also notice the missing extension now says that it’s “staged”.
Staged Host
Staged Extension

Click on the “Remediate” button to bring up the next wizard. Ensure the Baseline you want is selected for the host you want and select “Next”.
Remediate Wizard

Similar to the staging step, ensure the Extension you wish to install is selected and choose “Next”. Then give the task a name and schedule it. Also if it’s part of a Cluster, select any kind of options that work with your cluster, and finally verify that everything is correct and click on “Finish”
Select Extension
Remediation Options
Remediation Options
Verify prior to install

You’ll see the host enter maintenance mode, install the extension, and then reboot. Once it boots back up, it will exit maintenance mode automatically.
Host Tasks

Now your host will be updated on the storage paths to be “DELL_PSP_EQL_ROUTED” which will allow the plugin to choose the best way to route the traffic between ESXi host and SAN.
Remediate Wizard

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  1. This was very helpful. I kept trying to add it to a host patch baseline and it would not work. Thanks.

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