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Fixing vMotion

Fairly simple fix to that pesky “vMotion is not enabled on the host of the virtual machine. To migrate the virtual machine, enable vMotion on the host or power off the virtual machine.” error.

What you’ll see:
vMotion Error Notice

To fix this, go on over to the “Configuration” tab, then click on the “Networking” link. You’ll want to go to the properties of the Virtual Switch that contains the “Management Network” VMkernel Port:
Networking Properties

Once there, click on the “Management Network” port and notice that in the “Port Properties” how vMotion is Disabled:
vMotion is Disabled

Click on the “Edit” button, and while on the “General” tab, check mark the box next to vMotion and click “OK”:
Enabling vMotion

After clicking on the “Close” button for the vSwitch, you should be able to go back to the system you were trying to vMotion and the error should be gone:
vMotion Error is gone

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  1. smile smile

    good 1.. helped me to fix the prob..:) thx:)

  2. Ed Ed

    They have changed this on ESX5.1, possibly on 5.0 but I skipped that rev. Anyone know where the option went?

  3. Pablo Pablo

    Just the step I was missing on my test esx 5.1 hosts – thanks

  4. savage savage

    thank you your tips. 🙂

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