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Initial Thoughts: EQL 6510E

So here I have a brand new Equallogic 6510E, decided to power it on and test it out before the rest of the equipment arrived.

Couple notes to make:

  • Check your power button before plugging in the power, the first one had the button depressed already
  • The unit needs to have all the drives inserted to work properly, tried two, twelve, twenty four… No luck, need all 48.
  • Don’t force the drives into the slots. The mounts on the drives are a little more fragile than I would’ve expected, but if you line it up right there are no problems.
  • Default Username and Password are both: grpadmin

We had some problems getting the management network up and running, apparently it was resolved once we received our PowerConnect 8024F switch. However, we did learn some cool stuff as a result. For instance, the EQLs run off of NetBSD. Enter “support” at the command line and *bang* you’ve opened a door to a whole lot more functionality. Was able to go in, set the Management NIC (ifconfig eth2) to a static IP. Worked out great.

*NOTE* The support command line option is not supported by Dell, use at your own risk.

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