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Initializing an Equallogic – the GUI way

Personally, I rather enjoy getting on the serial cable and setting it up that way. However, a recent experience forced me to have to set up an Equallogic PS6000E sight-unseen. Someone else had already done the dirty work of racking and networking it all together. So we are assuming that the Windows system we’re using has at least one NIC on the same switch and/or VLAN as the EQL was plugged in to.

Start off by installing the HIT kit for Windows

Run the “Remote Setup Wizard”
Remote Setup Wizard

Choose to initialize the PS Series array, click “Next” and wait for the system to find the array
Find the array

With a bit of good luck, it should show up
Discovered Array

Give the newly found array a name, IP, subnet, and gateway. If this is the first one, create a new group or you can even join an existing group. In this case, this is the first one.

Since this is the first one for the group, create a new group with the necessary information
Create New Group

Once everything is entered, allow the array some time to initialize
Initialize the Array

Upon completion, click “Finish” to exit from the program. The array has been successfully created.

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