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Installing and/or Updating the Fusion-IO Drivers on an ESXi Host…

We were fortunate enough to pick up some Fusion-IO IOcache cards to be implemented in our new infrastructure.

In this case, Fusion-IO drivers on the ESXi box were slipstreamed into the install image. To check the driver version we do a “fio-status” command via SSH connection to pull the information on the cards in each system. If the drivers are not yet installed, move on the the next step.

Grab the drivers from the Fusion-IO support site (, log in with your support account credentials, click on the “Downloads” button, select the card installed, select the OS being used, and look for the “Software Binaries” section and download the offline_bundle zip file. Once it’s downloaded, upload it to somewhere the ESXi host can read it and run the following command: esxcli software vib install -d *full path to offload_bundle zip*

Once the install process has completed, reboot the host. Once it comes back up, SSH back into the ESXi host and run the “fio-status” command. It should now be updated to the version you just installed. In this case, version 3.2.2.

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