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PowerCLI – Removing and Re-creating Unknown and/or Orphaned VMs

Ran into an issue lately where I found a host had lost its storage. For whatever reason HA didn’t kick in to bring all the VMs back to life and there was a need to recreate ~75 VMs whom were in an unknown and/or orphaned state. It looked a bit like this:
Unknown VMs

PowerCLI to the rescue!

Note: this was a script that worked in my environment. There is no warranty or support with this script, please use at your own risk.

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  1. Jaime Jaime


    Where is the link for the script? I am looking in every corner of your site and I am unable to find it.


    • kmruddy kmruddy

      In the above script block, the bottom informational bar gives you two options:
      The bottom left side, when clicked on, opens a new window to the file on GitHub
      The bottom right side, when clicked on, opens a new window of plaintext or you can do a right-click save-link-as and that will download the script itself.

      You also have the option to highlight portions of the script, or all of it, and copy/paste it to notepad or your favorite script editor.

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