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  1. Roman Roman

    How did you manage to fit in the 8024f into the rack? It only comes with front brackets, I need to find a way to stabilise it :/

    • Kyle Ruddy Kyle Ruddy

      The front mounts work, albeit barely. If you talk to your Dell rep, they should be able to get you some rear mounts to help them actually sit level.

      • Roman Roman

        Thanks for the quick reply! I actually need to figure a way to adjust my rails on my new rack, but it’s kinda tricky. Most gear comes in different lengths and I am trying to figure out what would be the easiest way to properly adjust them. eg. Server rack length is potentially larger than the switch etc.

        Any ideas?

        • Kyle Ruddy Kyle Ruddy

          We just picked up some rear mounts for some Dell Force10 4810’s and they were adjustable in length, so you might want to see if they make something similar for the 8024Fs as well.

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