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PS Series Firmware – V5.1.1-H2 – Another update!

Just got a nice email from Dell that indicates some people have been having problems during the V5.1.1-H1 update process where it actually freezes! Luckily, I had no such problems with my upgrade to H1

However, I’m still in the lucky situation where I have a PS6500E at my disposal to test with. So it’s time to apply the new patch to it and see how things go with this update.

So head back out to the Equallogic Support site: and download the new V5.1.1-H2 firmware and extract it.
H2 appears to be the same size as H1, so far so good.
Extracted Firmware

Open up the Group Manager and login:
Group Manager

Click on “Group Configuration”, then the “Advanced” tab, and click on the “Update Firmware” button:
Update Firmware

Enter the admin password, select the newly downloaded and extracted H2 firmware and click “Open”
Find Firmware File

You should see that the EQL is indeed running a different firmware, then click the “Update” button
Update Firmware

Watch as the firmware is transferred to the EQL, then as the firmware is processed, then click the “Restart” button and hope for the best!
Transfer Firmware
Process Firmware
Restart Controller

We see the status go to “Preparing to restart” then to “Offline”
Preparing to Restart

After about 5 minutes of waiting, we see a refreshing “Member is up to date” message in green
Member up to Date

Finally for the real test, the effect on the VMware host. Max Write Latency of 2508ms, that’s it!
Write Latency

So in review, took about 20 minutes to complete from start to finish and everything worked perfectly and as it did the first go-round. Roughly the same write latency was seen in H2 as was seen in H1. So I’d claim this to be a success. Thanks to the Dell/EQL teams!

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  1. Hello,
    I have not much experience with Dell EqualLogic, that’s why my questions:
    We are planning to update ours from v5.0.2 (R138185), all host are VMware Sphere 4.1.
    Can we do in a quiet hours the firmware update while all host are running?
    Can we do the update directly from v5.0.2 to v5.1.1-H2?
    All reaction will be very appreciated, thanks in advance.
    Best regards, Herman Sugeng

    • Problem Problem

      To answer your questions:
      Yes, you can upgrade it live while everything is still up and running. You will see some drive latency while the controller reboots, but it’s pretty short. I would still do it in the off hours though, just in case!
      Yes, you should be able to update directly to the latest firmware.

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