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Updating EqualLogic SANHQ Software

Dell has released an early production access release of SANHQ, the version is 2.2. It’s been updated to include some new features such as Live View, RAID Evaluator, support for multiple SANHQ servers connections to the client, support for the new EqualLogic FS7500, temperature displays, drive firmware notifications, and the ability to increase the syslog file size.

Personally, the most exciting ones were these:
Live View allows the streaming of data from either an individual member or even volume.
Live View

RAID Evaluator (Requires Firmware v5.1) which takes the Group’s current data and evaluates it as if it had a different RAID group applied.
RAID Evaluator

To start the install, go to and go to the Downloads section and look for the SAN HeadQuarters section and download the latest version. Once downloaded, run the SANHQSetup32and64.exe
Installer Location

I was immediately greeted by a screen to install the .NET 4.0 client profile, so click “Yes” to install that.
Install .NET

Accept the license terms and click “Install” (Be patient, it did take some time in my case)
Installing .NET
.NET Installed

Verify that the installer will upgrade the current insstallation and click “Continue” to upgrade the current version of SANHQ, after that the service will be stopped to proceed
Verify Upgrade
Stopping Service

Enable the TCP/IP Communication, this is required for all of the advanced features such as Live View, and then the new version is installed
Firewall Settings

SAN HeadQuarters will then update, click “Finish”
Installing Files

The first time SANHQ opens, one of the other features what was included will greet you. That is the firewall detection update. You can tell the firewall to update automatically or you can create the rules on your own. Personally, I use Group Policy to create my firewall rules, so I chose “No”.
Firewall Detection

You’ll then be asked for credentials to the SANHQ Server, and after that you’re in
SANHQ Main Screen

Everything went quite well for me except for one thing… An email was sent out that all of the controllers failed and that the Firmware was upgraded on them. All very odd, and after a quick screenshot, all the worries from those on the email list were put at ease.
Cleared Status

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