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Updating the Fusion-IO firmware…

We were fortunate enough to pick up some Fusion-IO IOcache cards to be implemented in our new infrastructure.

Installed the Fusion-IO drivers on the ESXi box and went to check the cards out. We do a “fio-status” command vis SSH connection to pull the information on the cards in each system.
fio-status printout

Towards the bottom, you can see the Firmware listed as v5.0.7 and at the time the current release was v7.1.13. So head out to the Fusion-IO support site (, log in with your support account credentials, click on the “Downloads” button, select the card installed, select the OS being used, and look for the firmware menu. Grab the firmware file, should be a file ending with an FFF extension.
Downloading Firmware

Once it’s downloaded, upload the firmware to a place the ESXi host can read from. In this case, I uploaded the firmware to a VMFS datastore so I can use the same file for every server.
Firmware in a VMFS datastore

At this point, we can get the update installing. To do that, SSH into the desired host (remember to have the SSH service running), and issue a “fio-update-iodrive *firmware location*” command.
Update Firmware

After about 12 minutes, the install was complete and a reboot was required.
Firmware Update Complete

Once the ESXi host was back up, SSH in to the ESXi host and run another “fio-status” command and show that the Firmware is now indeed v7.1.13
New Status Check

If you happen to run into the same issue where the “Active Warnings” indicate a message of: The ioMemory is currently running in a minimal state. The problem I found was that the driver version was incompatible. Check out my other posting on how to update the driver:

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  1. Thanks for the clear walk through. Just what I was looking for. Not a lot on the web yet for these IO drives!

  2. Jobi Jobi

    fio-status not showing any device even after installing the driver.Do you know what could be the reason?

    • Mitch Mitch

      you did not install the correct driver

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