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Upgrading to EQL Firmware 5.1.1-H1

So if you were like me, you noticed that Dell pulled the v5.1 firmware upgrade for the Equallogics pretty quickly. Then v5.1.1 appeared, only to be taken down days later. Finally, this morning, v5.1.1-H1 appeared this morning!

After seeing all the benefits to the new firmware at the Dell Storage Forum, I’ve been a bit on the excited side to get this tossed on some hardware and see how much of a difference we’re talking!

So to start your firmware upgrade, head out to the Equallogic Support site and download the new Firmware. Once downloaded, extract it. Should look similar to:
Extracted Firmware

Log into the Group Manager. Here’s what I’m working with at the moment:
Group Manager

Click on the “Group Configuration”, then go to the “Advanced” tab, and click on the “Update firmware…” button:
Group Manager

Enter the administrative password for the group:
Admin Password

Browse to the extracted firmware location and select the file with a tgz extension:
Find Firmware

The Firmware Update Manager will tell you the status of the member/s in the group and give you an action. In this case, the member is running an older version of firmware and there is and “Upgrade” action available.
Upgrade Action

Click on the “Upgrade” button and it will start a 3 step process, starting with the FTP transfer of the firmware, then having the member process the firmware update, and finally a restart of each controller:
FTP Transfer
Process Firmware
Restart Member
Preparing to Restart

From my experience, the reboot is ONLY of each controller and not at the same time. The inactive controller reboots, then it is changed to the active controller, then the newly inactive controller is rebooted.

There was a little noticeable lag during the reboot, nothing major. Certainly wouldn’t do this during the middle of a busy or even moderately busy day. VMware reported roughly 2.25 seconds of latency during the process:

Finally, after the reboot of each controller. They’re both reporting as v5.1.1-H1 firmware!

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