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vMA – Change the password…

Tried getting into my vMA box today to get some CLI action going and couldn’t log in. Either I couldn’t remember the password, or I managed to fat-finger it twice. So I got to find out the hard way how to get that reset…

Start by opening up the console on the vMA system and send it for a reboot. Once it hits the CentOS screen, hit any key to gain access to the menu
vMA Boot Screen

With the CentOS option highlighted, hit “e” to edit the boot command
vMA Boot Screen

Now, highlight the “kernel” entry and hit “e” again to edit the command
vMA Boot Screen

Enter the word “single” and hit the Enter key
vMA Boot Screen

You’ll be returned to the boot command screen, hit “b” to boot the system up. Once the system finishes booting, you should be at a prompt. At this prompt enter in “passwd vi-admin” to change the password on the vi-admin account. The system will now ask for the new password twice and say that the authentication tokens have been updated.
passwd Reset

At this point, reboot the system via “shutdown -r now”. Once the system reboots, you should return to the normal vMA screen. Hit F2 to reach the terminal and make sure you can log in, it should be successful.
Login Success

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  1. Thanks for posting! Saved me a lot of time.

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