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VMworld 2012 In Review

After a nice long week away, it’s nice to finally be back home from VMworld…

Let’s cover some of the good stuff:

      Overall friendliness of people. Truly amazing how available people were and how they didn’t mind talking anywhere from a couple minutes to all night.
      My top three sessions: Definitely grab these sessions once they’re available on the VMworld site.
      NET2207 – vDS Deep Dive with Jason Nash from Varrow – Very in depth, Jason had a lot of tips and demos which even features new functionality for vSphere 5.1
      VSP1504 – Ask the Expert vBloggers with Chad Sakac, Scott Lowe, and Rick Scherer from EMC, also with Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman from VMware – Interactive sessions are always great, these guys sat up on stage and answered question after question, basically being turned into a makeshift helpdesk, and was quite entertaining
      VSP1353 – vCenter Deep Dive with Justin King, Ameet Jani and Deep Bhattacharjee all from VMware – this session had a lot of information to cover, especially with all the new features in vCenter 5.1 and the speakers covered it all with great depth and also featured a Q&A portion at the end with several good questions being brought up from the audience
      Hang Space with the vBrownBag and theCUBE spaces were terrific. It was amazing how many speakers, bloggers, and other on-demand people were hanging out freely in the Hang Space. The Community Tech Talks from the vBrownBag guys were terrific and as soon as they’re posted I’ll provide links. The Hang Space also featured a charging center which worked as a coat check for your portable devices, this was brilliant.
      Certificate Lounge and the Fast Track VCAP:DCA samples. This was a terrific idea and a bit of a hidden gem in the Marriott Marquis. I must have spent all of Thursday afternoon doing the samples. Some great information and awesome discussions with folks coming in from cert tests or even VCDX Defenses
      Parties. There were some terrific parties this year. My favorites were definitely the VMunderground, HP Customer Appreciation, EMC Customer Appreciation, VMware CTO, and then the VMware VMworld parties. So thanks to all those people who sponsored the parties as well as attended to make it such a great time.

There wasn’t a lot of negative stuff, but there were a couple items that stuck out:

      Speakers that phoned it in from home. If you went through the time to make the slides, at least learn the content so the session attendees aren’t stuck going through the slides with you
      Hands on Labs. These have been terrific in years past, but they just couldn’t keep them up and error free.
      Food. Breakfast was served in Moscone West with minimal tables and chairs. Lunch was prepackaged and normally soggy by the time it was served. Lunch was also served outside in the garden area. In the past lunch usually consisted of a self-serve buffet with table seating. The lack of proper seating wasn’t conducive to networking and a lack of shade is never a good thing. I will say, the VMworld blanket they handed out was very nice.
      Solutions Exchange being open on Sunday and closing on Wednesday Having the Solutions Expo open on Sunday instead of being open on Thursday was a poor choice. Personally, I couldn’t make it to the Solutions Exchange or the welcome reception due to other obligations and that took away a whole day from being able to visit with the vendors.

Some of the other notable items from VMworld this year:

Took some pictures as well:
Fixing the lack of Twitter handle on the Attendee Badges:
Fixed Badge

Kicking things off with the VMunderground Party:
VMunderground Line

VMworld Keynote Intro:
Keynote Intro

Stumping the “Expert vBloggers” (VSP1504 – Chad Sakac, Frank Denneman, Duncan Epping, Scott Lowe, a guest from the audience and Rick Scherer) on stage:
Stumping the Expert vBloggers

Paul Maritz speaking to the VMUG Leader group during the luncheon:

Stumping the Expert vBloggers

Pat Gelsinger taking the stage in front of the VMUG Leaders:
Stumping the Expert vBloggers

Pat Gelsinger, Paul Maritz, and Steve Herrod talking to our group:
CxO Group at the VMUG Leader Luncheon

William Lam setting up for his Unsupported vInception session in the vBrownBag area:
William Lam at vBrownBag

Jason Nash (Varrow) getting mobbed after his vDS session (NET2207):
vDS Session Aftermath

Steve Herrod at the CTO Party:
Herrod at the CTO Party

Geeky Tat found while in the Thirsty Bear (yes, it really is binary):
Binary Tat

Post VMworld Meat Coma thanks to the WPAVMUG folks:
Brazillian Buffett

Just to wrap things up, thanks to everyone I met out there and thanks to all the people that came up and introduced themselves. It was a terrific week, lots of information was learned, tons of connections were made and it was one of the best conferences I’ve been to yet… Thanks again!

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