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VMworld Prep!

So you got your VMworld ticket… you got your hotel reservation… you got your flight booked… You’re ready to go right?

You’re only cracking the surface!

  • Build up your calendar with sessions: VMworld Session Builder
    With the way the sessions are being done, I’m taking the position of registering for sessions I would go to at time slots I have available. I would much rather be registered for a session and miss it, than miss it due to it being full and unavailable. You’ll also find that if you export your calendar, it will tell you what rooms your sessions are in so that you can plan accordingly.
  • Build up your calendar with after hours events: VMworld Gatherings
    Please note that many of these events are RSVP only, so definitely make sure to get registered and/or talk to your favorite company’s reps to get you registered.
  • Make time for the Hands on Labs
    The Hands on Labs are always very well organized and provide great content, don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn in an environment you’re not responsible for!
  • Check out the Solution Expo
    Yes, the vendors are going to want to scan your badge. However, there are always some diamonds in the rough. Either some amazing technologies with capabilities I didn’t realize existed, or some awesome prizes.
  • Stop by the Hangspace
    The Hangspace will be providing an area for the VMTN Community TechTalks and other interviews as well as blogger tables and space for general networking.
  • Stay in the know by following VMworld related hashtags on twitter: VMworld Twitter Community

A map of the layout around the Moscone Center has already been released:
VMworld Map

If you fill your schedule like I do, chances are you aren’t seeing the hotel for any reason but to sleep for a couple hours. So let’s talk about the accessories that can keep you on the go…

  • Don’t worry about a backpack. You’ll get one at registration.
    They’re always quite nice and very durable. Not to mention that’s one less thing to lug on the plane on the way there or find space for on the way back. A sneak peek has already been released:
    VMworld Backpack Sneak Peek
  • Bring some comfortable shoes
    You’ll be walking or standing a majority of the day, you don’t want to miss out on something because your feet hurt
  • Bring spare batteries or external chargers
    I cant stress this one enough. With 15,000+ attendees there aren’t enough plugs for everyone. Don’t miss out on a session or activity because you couldn’t get to the VMworld app or your calendar. Personally, I picked up a New Trent iPulse IMP100P. Two USB outputs and 10,000 mAh in the size of an iPhone should be good enough to get me through a full day.
  • A tablet to take notes on.
    In years past I’d have my iPad and the Pen Ultimate App, but this year I’m going with the Nexus 7 and the Evernote App. I’ve outfitted the Nexus 7 with the Poetic Leather case and an amCase amPen stylus. So far has been quite a combo for during business meetings and various local user groups.
  • Business Cards
    VMworld is an amazing resource to gain knowledge and information and the networking opportunities are incredibly strong.

Some other tips to those that have never been:

  • Dress code is normally said to be Business Casual, however you’ll see everything from high dollar business suits down to shorts and sandals. Be comfortable, but don’t look like a mess.
  • Wireless is readily available throughout. It may not be the fastest, but it’s available and free. In years past, the AT&T networks (my carrier) have been quite overloaded so use whatever has the best connection out.
  • Drinks (soda, water, juice) are normally readily available. Snacks are available at different times during the day as well, everything from granola down to candy bars.
  • Breakfast and lunch are provided, make sure you know how to get there. There are other options around the Moscone, but none are free and some aren’t exactly quick.

Not going to VMworld?

Well, watch the Keynotes and get access to quite a bit of other information live via VMware NOW: and keep up with action by way of the Community Tech Talks featuring myself and many other vExperts: There is also a large list of bloggers that will be onsite and providing content as well: VMworld Blogger Coverage.

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